Determining the Right Time for a Business to Hire an Accountant

Konstantin Lichtenwald
3 min readSep 1, 2023


Navigating the business world is often like traversing a vast ocean with its fair share of unpredictable tides and storms. Professional financial advice is one of the crucial tools that can help businesses sail smoothly. As companies grow and evolve, they often face the question, “When is the right time to hire an accountant?” The answer to this question is contingent on various factors, but there are specific indicators and scenarios that signal it’s time to bring in the experts. Here, we delve into those crucial moments when a business should consider getting an accountant.

Starting Your Business:

The inception phase of any business is rife with decisions, from the type of business structure to choice to understanding local regulations and taxes. An accountant can guide new business owners through the process, ensuring that they’re compliant and taking advantage of any tax breaks or incentives.

Dealing with Complex Taxes:

The tax landscape can be a complex terrain for businesses. If you spend significant amounts of time trying to decipher tax laws or unsure about tax deductions and credits, it might be time to hire an accountant. This becomes especially critical if your business operates in multiple states or countries, as the complexity of tax obligations can escalate quickly.

Rapid Business Growth:

Experiencing rapid growth is thrilling, but it also means an increased volume of transactions, customers, and potential hiring. An accountant can help manage this growth, ensuring the business’s financial health remains robust and you’re prepared for pitfalls.

Managing Multiple Revenue Streams:

Tracking finances can become a convoluted task if your business diversifies and earns from various revenue streams. An accountant can assist in structuring the finances efficiently, ensuring that each revenue stream is profitable and sustainable.

Securing a Loan or Investment:

When seeking external financing or bringing in investors, businesses need to have their financial records in impeccable order. An accountant can ensure that the books are accurate and craft financial projections and other necessary documentation to impress potential lenders or investors.

Facing an Audit:

“Audit” can send shivers down a business owner’s spine. But you can face this challenge head-on with an accountant by your side. They’ll help you prepare for the audit, represent your business if needed, and provide necessary advice on navigating the process.

Financial Complexity:

If you find yourself drowning in financial jargon or can’t make sense of your balance sheet, income statement, or cash flow statement, it’s a sign you need professional help. An accountant can break down these complexities, allowing you to better understand your business’s financial health and make informed decisions.

Time Management Issues:

For most business owners, time is a precious commodity. If you’re spending excessive time managing your finances instead of focusing on core business activities, it might be a clear indication to hire an accountant. After all, the time saved can be channeled into growing and optimizing the business.

Preparing for Business Sale or Merger:

Selling a business or merging with another entity requires meticulous financial preparation. An accountant can assist in evaluating the company, ensuring the financial statements are attractive to potential buyers, and advising on tax implications.

Planning for the Future:

Whether it’s business expansion, diversification, or succession planning, having an accountant can be beneficial. They can craft detailed financial forecasts, advise on potential investments, and ensure that the business remains financially viable in the long run.

In the dynamic world of business, financial intricacies are a given. While many small businesses may start off managing their finances independently, there comes a point when professional expertise is not just a luxury but a necessity. An accountant can provide clarity, ensure compliance, optimize profitability, and give business owners the peace of mind to focus on what they do best: running their business. If your business resonates with any of the abovementioned scenarios, it might be time to make that crucial hiring decision. After all, in the grand scheme of business, the right accountant is more of an investment than an expense.



Konstantin Lichtenwald

Konstantin Lichtenwald has over 15 years of finance and accounting experience, with expertise in corporate compliance, accounting, and financial management.